15 Apr 2013

WHERE2 Special Session at European Wireless 2013

Special Session at the European Wireless 2013:

The purpose of this special session is to gather researchers and industry to share views on needs, possibilities and challenges in next generation global mobile and wireless communication systems. Future radio access networks focus on lower latency and higher throughputs and mobility for the user. The availability of position information plays an increasing role in mobile wireless communications networks already today and will be an integral part of future systems. These systems inherently can offerthe ability forstand‐alone positioning especially in situations where conventionalsatellite based positioning systems fail, such as GPS in steep urban canyons or indoor environments. In this framework, positioning information is an important enabler for both location and context‐aware services, but also for the improvement of the communications system itself. Several techniques have been investigated, and continue to be improved by exploiting positioning information, for the coordination of cell sites and the cooperation between them, including cooperation between femto and macro cells, exploiting location and environment information. Research on strategies for the management and relaying in mobile terminals clusters, exploiting geo‐location information have also been ongoing, targeting to improve reliability, connectivity and security of cooperative cluster operation.

Schedule (Room: Austin Pearce 3 / Wednesday 17th of April - Time: 13.10 – 14.30):

1. Directional Hidden Markov Model for Indoor Tracking of Mobile Users and Realistic Case Study
Authors: Jimmy J. Nielsen;Nicolas Amiot; Tatiana Madsen
2. Indoor TDOA Mobile Positioning with Clock Drift and Its Cramer‐Rao Bound
Authors: Ziming He; Yi Ma; Rahim Tafazolli
3. WHERE2 Location Aided Communications
Authors: Armin Dammann; George Agapiou; Joaquim Bastos; Loic Brunel; Mariano García‐Otero; Julien Guillet; Yi Ma; Junjie Ma; Jimmy J Nielsen; Li Ping; Ronald Raulefs; Jonathan Rodriguez; Dirk Slock;
Du Yang; Na Yi
4. MIMO Broadcast and interference Channels with Location based partial CSIT
Authors: Dirk Slock
5. Anchor‐less Self‐Positioning in Rectangular Room Based on Sectorized Narrowband Antennas
Authors: Igor Arambasic;Javier Casajús; Ivana Raos; Marios Raspopoulos; Stavros Stavrou