27 Mar 2013

Joint Session with COOPNET Project

At the 10th WPNC we initiated a joint session with the ERC COOPNET project. The session has the following talks:

WHERE2: Impact of Human Crowd Activity on Indoor Wireless Channels –Assessment and Modeling
Emanuel Staudinger, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Julien Stéphan, SIRADEL
Yoann Corre, SIRADEL
Yves Lostanlen, SIRADEL

COOPNET: MAC Delay in Belief Consensus for Distributed Tracking
Christopher Lindberg, Chalmers University of Technology
L. Srikar Muppirisetty, Chalmers University of Technology
Karl-Magnus Dahlén, HiQ Consulting
Vladimir Savic, Linkoping University
Henk Wymeersch, Chalmers University of Technology

WHERE2: Refined characterization of RSSI with practical implications for indoor positioning
Mohamed Laaraiedh, University of Rennes 1, IETR Lab
Nicolas Amiot, University of Rennes 1, IETR Lab
Bernard Uguen, University of Rennes 1, IETR Lab

WHERE2: Velocity-Based CRLB Predictions for Enhanced Cooperative Links Selection in LocationEnabled Mobile Heterogeneous Networks
Soumaya Zirari, CEA-Leti Minatec
Benoît Denis, CEA-Leti Minatec