10 Feb 2012

Special Session "WHERE2 Project Results" at WPNC 2012 (Dresden, Germany)

WHERE2 organizes a Special Session "WHERE2 Project results" (March 16, 2012, 9:00 CET) at the 9th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication in Dresden, Germany.


Constrained LMDS Technique for Human Motion and Gesture Estimation
Meriem Mhedhbi, Mohamed Laaraiedh, Bernard Uguen (University of Rennes)

Generic Real-Time Round-Trip-Delay Test-Bed for Cooperative Positioning
Emanuel Staudinger,  Stephan Sand (German Aerospace Center)

Hidden Markov Model based Mobility Learning for Improving Indoor Tracking of Mobile Users
Troels Laursen, Jimmy Jessen Nielsen (Aalborg University)

Reference Node Selection for Cooperative Positioning Using Coalition Formation Games
Senka Hadzic, Jonathan Rodriguez (Instituto de TelecomunicaƧƵes-Aveiro) 

3D Ray Tracing for Device-Independent Fingerprint-based Positioning in WLANs
Marios Raspopoulos, Loizos Kanaris, Akis Kokkinis (Sigint Solutions Ltd)
Christos Laoudias, Christos Panayiotou, Stavros Stavrou (University of Cyprus)